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National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology
National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology

Our institute accords with the foundation and clinical physiology, we provide besides the physiological knowledge and addition to increase the thinking of clinical practice for students because our institute employ many clinicians teacher in recent years. Although physiology is belong to traditional medical science, we are deeply convinced that the significance meaning is the development of life sciences should be applied to the physiology.  

Physiology is an extremely important of biomedicine. Our lessons and experiment content are similar with other institutes. And the individual differences depend on each teacher's personal specialized.

Our institute have a course of ' Advanced Physiology ' in each academic year, that invite related teachers of physiology, or the professor of the job market to make specialist lecture for the graduate student of our institute, what deserves to be mentioned is that all of the things in this course is responsible for student under teacher provide help, such as receive speaker, preside over the meeting, introduction the speaker ,and Q & A. Speaker not to focus on the introduction to the new knowledge and how to teaching, how to prepare aptly the content of courses, how to establishes the Lab, introduction research process and overcome the problem. We hope our student via this treated to realize our institute educational objective and practicable this spirit in the life in the future.