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National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology
National Yang-Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology

The Department of Physiology has been an integral part of the National Yang-Ming University since her founding as the National Yang-Ming Medical College in 1975. Professor S. T. Chiang served as the Department's very first chairman from 1975 to 1981. With the appointment of Professor Chiang as the College's Dean of academic affairs (1981-1985), the chairmanship was succeeded by the then Associate Professor T. H. Chiu, who served from 1981-1985. The Institute of Physiology, the postgraduate arm, was then established, offering academic programs leading to postgraduate degrees at the Master's and Ph.D. levels beginning in 1985 and 1991 respectively. Professor Chiang was the founding director of the Institute and served between 1985 and 1986 while the then Associate Professor B.P.. Lee served as the Departmental Chairman from 1985 to July of 1986. For administrative convenience the Departmental Chairman has also been serving as the Institute's Director since 1986.

Past and current Departmental Chairman/Institute Director include
Professor P.S. Wang (1986.8 - 1992.7)
Professor J.T. Pan (1992.8 - 1996.5)
Professor M.T. Lin (1996.11 - 2000.11)
Professor T.H. Chiu (2000.12 -2005.7)
Professor J.J. Hwang (2005.8 -2006.7)
Professor D.C. Tarng (2006.8 -2008.11)
Professor C.C. Juan (2008.11 -2009.11)

Professor Y.R. Kou (2009.11 -2016.1)

Professor C.C. Juan (2016.2 -present)

The Department and Institute of Physiology has been a part of the School of Medicine since Yang-Ming's expansion and attainment of university status in July of 1993. The main responsibilities/activities include

1. Teaching of Physiology and accompanying laboratory courses to undergraduate and?graduate students.
2. Development and training of graduate students at the Master's, doctoral and postdoctoral?? levels in preparation for future academic careers.
3. Engagement in basic and applied research in physiology
4. Participation in intramural academic and guidance work
5. Participation in inter-institutional academic activities related to physiology.

The Department and Institute of Physiology occupies the third floor of the Research Building a section of which also houses the Instrumentation Center. Other facilities include Departmental offices, conference rooms, lecture rooms, computer facilities, storage areas, animal quarters, offices and laboratories for full time faculty members, graduate students' rest and study areas. In addition, situated in the D2 area of the third floor of the Experimental Building and shared with the Department and Institute, are the main teaching laboratories.